Swallow-Wifi, The dashboard of your WIFI WDS networks

The implementation of Wifi network is not always slim affair. It is necessary to have good level of wifi knowledge, set wifi routers correctly, to orientate antennas... If operation is not correctly prepared, it is whole days which could be lost looking for the blocking element. That is why strong in our experience in Wifi network deployment, we created one tools allowing to simplify the life of WISP and other wifi communities.

Our dashboard Swallow-wifi is to simplify all stages since study (simulation) untill production network monitoring. With swallow Wifi, the most complex part for the implementation of your network is the antennas alignment .

Clearly between the study of a network and its deployment, it can take place some hours instead of weeks. Create a network, dispose the routers, assess links, generate shapes in some clicks.

Swallow-wifi includes besides the definition of DHCP (Dynamics or reservation ip fixed) and AAA (YzyNet, Wifigator, Chillispot) of your networks.

With Swallow-wifi, you do not manage routers anymore within network, but network in its entirety from an all included interface.

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